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About Composting News

Totally independent: Being published by an independently-owned small business, Composting News is not beholden to any organization. That means we are free to provide our readers with real, uncompromised news. Our readers appreciate that.

Since 1992, Composting News has been the only publication in the North American organics management market to report national retail and wholesale prices of compost and mulch products based on our market surveys.

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You asked for it and we delivered.

Since 1992, Composting News has surveyed the market and reported on regional retail prices for compost and related products. Recently, acting on the request of a number of compost marketers, Composting News has added wholesale prices to its market survey and reporting. You can help us track and report accurate prices by filling out the quick survey here.

Composting News features the latest news and vital issues of concern to the producers, marketers and end-users of compost, mulch and other organic waste-based more...

We believe we have a responsibility to support the market we cover.
That's why Composting News took the lead and created and the affiliated Compost Way-2-Grow Facebook page, which rapidly boomed to almost 8,000 followers as of May 2014.

Compost: Way-2-Grow has a single purpose: Help to build market demand by promoting the benefits of professionally manufactured, all-natural compost and mulch products. It's the least we can do to support the thousands of producers and the vendors who sell equipment to them.

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The latest issue of Composting News

Headlines from the July 2016 issue of Composting News

  • Federal bills would give energy credit for biogas property
  • Organic meal kit is compostable, recyclable
  • Rice University technique could aid agriculture, wastewater studies
  • Compost heat recovery system installed on Vermont farm
  • USDA response to NOP ruling expected in August
  • Harvest announces merger with SEI
  • Q2 Power expands into composting and engineered soils
  • Compost Product News: Bandit, Rotochopper, Morbark
  • South Dakota town gets animal composter
  • Michigan to focus on recycling over waste
  • New York neighborhood gets dog crap composter
  • Des Moines tables plans to trade composting for comingled garbage
  • Current national compost prices
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    Headlines from the June 2016 issue of Composting News

  • Judge blocks green waste compost for organic growing
  • Peat company wins property rights case in Supreme Court
  • Biosolids compost comes to Florida's Emerald Coast
  • St. Louis composter penalized for clean water violation
  • Atlas Organics opens composting facility in South Carolina
  • Boulder Colorado property owners must offer compost collection
  • NYC's largest landlord rolls out food waste collection
  • Compost Product News: ClearSpan, Rotochopper, Komptech
  • Current national compost prices
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    Headlines from the May 2016 issue of Composting News

  • "Contaminated compost" gets federal hearing this month
  • Student's microbial fuel cell converts organic waste to electricity
  • A lot more food waste processing capacity is needed, SWANA says
  • Taquila waste powers Mexican distillery
  • Buffalo zoo waste turned into compost
  • Los Angeles gets biosolids composter after 12 years
  • Florida waste authority markets compost
  • Biosolids suit hits the courtroom in Florida
  • Ohio town suspicious of biosolids application
  • Compost Product News: Morbark, Bandit, Komptech
  • Current national compost prices
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    Headlines from the April 2016 issue of Composting News

  • Seattle food waste rule violates privacy, court rules
  • California bill urges compost production
  • Composting removes virus from swine mortality
  • Supreme Court hears peat supplier case
  • Hawaiian composting toilet law awaits governor's approval
  • FDA extends comment period on raw manure application
  • Organic agriculture growing at record pace, USDA says
  • Ontario composter built for marijuana waste
  • Compost meeting in Winnipeg gets heated
  • Utah town will phase out smelly compost site

  • Compost Product News: Morbark, Bandit, Peterson
  • Current national compost prices
  • Keep up with the latest local stories on Composting News at Facebook
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    Some items of interest

  • Vermont shoots down biomass energy project: Complete ruling here.
  • Peninsula Compost violation from Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
  • Organic Farming for Health and Prosperity report from the Organic Farming Research Foundation
  • June 30, 2010: Stakeholder comments/replies to Climate Action Reserve Food Waste Compost Protocol
  • June 30, 2010: Climate Action Reserve Food Waste Compost Protocol
  • May 11, 2010: Draft Cap and Trade Legislation
  • North Carolina neighbors split over composting plant
  • Interview with Alan Carlin, whose report questioning climate change science was suppressed in time for the Cap and Trade bill vote.
  • Promoting compost: Here's a collection of videos and TV spots that promote compost and compost products.
  • State and regional biosolids regulatory contacts
  • Canada's newly published compost regulations under the Fertilizers Act and Regulations is posted at"
  • In 2003, Oklahoma securities authorities filed suit against the scam B&B Worm Farm, which sold worms for vermicomposting. See the documents of the case here and type "worm farm" into the search box.
  • Check out this cute video to promote composting
  • Quality of New York State Compost, Final Report, Cornell University, July 2003
  • Assessing the economic impact of using compost for field-grown vegetables (2000)
  • Do you need composting equipment or services? The best in the industry are listed here!
  • Television spot for express blower
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