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Composting News is doing an anonymous survey of compost producers to determine retail and wholesale prices of their products. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. By filling out this form you will not be identified.

If you wish to submit information, please enter data in the boxes and click on the "submit" buttom to send your form to us.
Please enter information for your signature or best selling product in each category for bulk sales in dollars per cubic yard, exclusive of delivery charges.

In each box you may enter a single price or a range, (for example 55-65, indicating a range between $55 and $65). You may leave some boxes blank.

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Yard waste compost - retail price
Yard waste compost - wholesale price
Biosolids compost - retail price
Biosolids compoat - wholesale price
Composted Chicken Manure - retail price
Composted Chicken Manure - wholesale price
Composted Cow Manure - retail price
Composted Cow Manure - wholesale price
Food waste compost - retail price
Food waste compost - wholesale price
Shredded wood mulch - retail price
Shredded wood mulch - wholesale price
Shredded colored wood mulch - retail price
Shredded colored wood mulch - wholesale price
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