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  • McEntee Media Corp. was established in 1990 when it began publishing The Paper Stock Report, a newsletter that covers the latest news and trends in the market for recovered scrap paper. The bi-weekly newsletter has been the industry's leading source of market information ever since.
  • In 1992, McEntee Media added its second title with the launch of Composting News, a monthly newsletter that carries news and market trends in the composting and wood waste management industry.
  • McEntee Media made its first acquisition in 1996 when it added the Washington-based monthly Recycled Paper News, which, along with The Paper Stock Report, closed the loop in the paper recycling industry by offering an update on the post-manufacturing, consumer side of the field. These two newsletters are offered in a discounted package that includes exclusive access to Paper Recycling Online, giving paper recycling professionals cutting edge news and information.
  • McEntee Media's latest acquisition was in July 1999, with the addition of Waste Reduction Tips, a newsletter that offers tips and strategies to help businesses and organizations to improve their bottom line through savings on waste management costs.
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