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The industry leader from the beginning. Consistent, reliable coverage of the recovered paper markets since 1990.

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The Paper Stock Report is the longest running continuing market index of U.S. recovered paper prices offered by a single publisher. Before The Paper Stock Report was introduced in 1990, coverage of the growing scrap paper market was limited to a quarter page of pricing information in a converting industry publication and a handful of other publications filled with press releases.

The Paper Stock Report filled the void of independent market market coverage and analysis in the first newsletter devoted exclusively to the scrap paper recycling market.

Since 1990, as recycling grew, many publications trying to cover the industry have come and gone. Today The Paper Stock Report continues to lead the field in covering the most timely news and trends that impact the paper recycling industry.

The Paper Stock Report is the only publication in the industry that publishes up-to-date scrap paper market prices paid both by dealers/processors and consuming mills.

And now, as part of our Paper Recycling Online web news package, The Paper Stock Report now provides real-time news and market information.

  • The Paper Stock Report updates scrap paper market prices in every issue, just once a month, reflecting more timely market movement.
  • The Paper Stock Report doesn't stuff scrap paper market prices between 12 pages of rewritten press releases that are barely relevant to the scrap paper market. Its bi-weekly "The Market" column supplements the published prices with detailed analysis that discusses the hows and whys of the markets, including projections for the future.
  • The Paper Stock Report features detailed coverage of the market for scrap paper exports.
  • The Paper Stock Report is an independent publication with an obligation ONLY TO ITS READERS. It is not affiliated with any trade association or business that could impede the objectivity of pricing informstion or news coverage.

    Clearly the most comprehensive newsletter in the industry, The Paper Stock Report is published 24 times per year and features the most current news from buyers and sellers of recovered scrap paper. It is the ONLY newsletter that carries up-to-date scrap paper prices at two levels:

  • Prices paid for loose material by scrap dealers/processors in seven regions of the U.S.
  • Prices paid for baled paper by consuming paper and paperboard mills in six regions of the U.S.
  • Subscription information: The Paper Stock Report is published twice a month and is available for US$145 in the US; US$175 in Canada and Mexico; US$308 Foreign Airmail.

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    More stuff from The Paper Stock Report:

  • Historical Scrap Paper Buying Prices Invaluable for planning and projecting, these annual reports detail the scrap paper buying prices paid by paper and paperboard mills as reported in each issue of The Paper Stock Report. High/Average/Low prices are charted and graphed for 18 grades of scrap paper in six regions of the U.S. Graphs clearly show the market trends. CLICK HERE FOR MORE
    Reports are available for 1992 through 2011.
    Each report is $49, or $45 each for orders of three or more.


  • Scrap Paper Export Summary Report The most comprehensive reports available on annual exports of recovered scrap paper from the U.S. Commerce Department statistics are conveniently tabulated, organized and presented into a usable format clearly showing the tonnage and value of each of six major categories of scrap paper, for each month of the year, country shipped to and customs district from where it was shipped.
    The report accounts for every ton of scrap paper shipped out of the U.S., detailing each grade from each customs region to each country each month.
    Reports are available for 1993 through 2011.
    Reports cost US$125 each.

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