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Wood and Brush Grinders

PO Box 1000
Winn MI 48896
Ph: (800) 233-6065
Fx: (517) 866-2280
We are the world's leading designer and manufacturer of wood grinding, chipping and processing equipment. From our world famous Chiparvestors and Flails to the number one selling line of Industrial Tub Grinders, Morbark is the company that many decision makers turn to when they need heavy-duty, dependable equipment to handle tough applications. Solid waste management. Land clearing and site development. Pulp & Paper. Forestry and logging. Sawmills. Tree care. These are the principal industries served by Morbark.

Peterson Pacific Corp.
29408 Airport Road
Eugene, OR 97402
Ph: (541) 689=6520
Fx: (541) 689-0804
If you’re looking for the best in Wood Processing and Recycling Equipment, you’ve come to the right place! Since 1982, Peterson Pacific Corp. has been creating innovative machines for the wood processing and recycling industries. PPC is known in the pulp and paper industry as being the leader in development of portable in-field chip plants. Beginning in 1991 PPC added recycling equipment to our product line, with a family of wood-waste recyclers, and trommel screens. Our development of horizontal feed recyclers brings a new level of safety and productivity to the recycling industry. Look our product line over. We think you’ll agree with us when we say “When you want the best, there’s really only one choice"

Continental Biomass Industries Inc.
22 Whittier Street
Newton, NH 03858
Ph: (603) 382-0556
Fx: (603) 382-0557
In addition to providing highest-quality, fully warrantied equipment to our customers, CBI is committed to preserving and improving our natural environment by encouraging recycling of all kinds of wood debris by turning it into valuable fiber that can be used for a variety of applications, such as fuel, mulch, animal bedding, compost, ground cover for playgrounds, supplemental feedstock for fiberboard manufacturing, etc.

1210 East Vermeer Road
Pella, IA 50219
Ph: (641) 628-3141
Vermeer Corporation - a leading wood waste recycling and composting solutions provider - has the product and people to help you with your everyday and out of the ordinary wood waste and composting challenges. We offer a complete line of horizontal and tub grinders and drum or elevating-face compost turners to meet your operation needs.

Bandit Industries Inc.
6750 Millbrook Road
Remus MI 49340-9600
Ph: (517) 561-2270
Fx: (517) 561-2375

Duratech Industries International
PO Box 1940
Jamestown ND 58402
Ph: (701) 252-4601
Fx: (701) 252-0502

Fecon Inc.
10350 Evendale Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45241
Ph: (800) 528-3113
Fx: (513) 956-5701

Jones Manufacturing Co.
1486 12th Road PO Box 38
Bemer NE 68716-0038
Ph: (402) 528-3861
Fx: (402) 528-3239

Packer Industries Inc.
5800 Riverview Road
Mableton GA 30126
Ph: (404) 505-0522
Ph: (800) 818-2899
Fx: (404) 505-1450

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