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Colorado recycler helps businesses increase diversion rates

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  • News from Waste Reduction Tips. Last summer we made the decision to bring printing and production of our periodicals and other projects completely in-house instead of outsourcing them. The transition caused greater delays than we anticipated and we are now working to bring our production schedule up to date. This process will be expedited with the addition of Norm Weber to our staff. Norm, who has more than 20 years of experience in journalism, as well as an MBA, joins Waste Reduction Tips as associate editor.

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  • We're reducing waste.

    Organizations across the country are saving millions of dollars by reducing waste.

    For any business or organization, managing solid waste is a problem - and often a costly one.
    Material waste directly affects the bottom line. However, many companies are using some innovative strategies to achieve substantial cost savings by purchasing less, recycling more and reducing waste disposal costs. Here are a few examples of successful waste reduction programs and strategies:

    Bell Atlantic recovered 30,000 tons of material from obsolete equipment and sold it for $25 million.
    Quad/Graphics recycled 146,000 tons of paper in one year, saving $12.5 million in disposal fees.
    McDonald’s reduced the height of the embossment on their napkins, saving 294,000 pounds of corrugated packaging material per year.
    Rockwell collects about 3O different types of material for recycling, ranging from packaging peanuts and toner cartridges to books, bathroom fixtures and three-ring binders.
    General Motors recycled 3.6 billion pounds of paper, plastic, metals and wood in one year.
    Hasbro reduced the thickness of its corrugated boxes, saving 763,000 pounds of material and $400,000
    • In one facility, AT saved $90,000 by not buying trash can liners.
    • The United States Postal Service earned revenues of $6.6 million in one year from the sales of recyclable materials.
    Nordstrom saves 50,000 pounds of material each year by wrapping men’s suits in bulk, rather than individually.
    Most managers know they can save money by reducing waste, but they often don’t know exactly what to do.

    Waste Reduction Tips, a bimonthly newsletter, shows organizations how to purchase less material and fewer supplies, reuse what is purchased, recycle what can’t be reused - while getting paid for it - and reduce waste disposal costs. Most importantly, this can all be accomplished without sacrificing the quality of products or service.

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    Libertarians hail choice for Interior secretary

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    Compostable plastic cups can reduce event waste

    Internet can save on environmental costs

    Forget reduction: People love paper, study says

    More chlorine-free paper is available for green buyers

    Partnering for waste reduction

    Customers are skeptical about recycled paper, Staples says

    Attempt to raise post-consumer content dies in Connecticut

    Scrap tire group is formed

    New Jersey addresses used computers in legislation

    Toronto looks to be waste-free by 2010

    Christmas trees reduce odor from sludge

    Germany, U.S. harmonize compostable plastics certification

    Congress is having trouble recycling properly, groups say

    Earthshell introduces compostable sandwich wrap

    Chlorine-free kenaf paper making inroads

    Quick tips for business waste reduction

    Sony teams up on electronics take-back

    Missouri newspapers hit recycled content target

    Washington State reduces dining waste

    DuPont looks to develop bio-polymer

    Olympic games double trash

    Computer maker Dell-letes costs of waste

    Choose recycled products

    Scrap paper market directory available

    Pitney Bowes gets another recycling award for 75 percent recycling rate

    Recycling managers favor producer responsibility

    Simple things add up in waste reduction

    Purchasing cooperative goes national

    House recycling measure picks up co-sponsors

    American green dream house breaks ground

    New logo lets you know plastic bag is degradable

    Put your surplus to use

    Composting takes to the slopes at resort

    University finds cost-savings in waste reduction

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    Biomass exchange developed for wood scrap

    Federal Environmental Executive McPoland moves to private sector

    Why businesses don't - but should - embrace recycled paper

    Recycling success in New York

    Through persistence, Mitsubishi reduces trash by 23 percent

    Program looks at campus waste reduction

    Pitney Bowes pushes green paper initiative

    Spotlight on...Green electronics. Green engineering creates a green bottom line

    Confused about recycled paper terms?

    Federal copy paper compliance at 98 percent

    Supermarket diverted almost 300,000 tons last year

    Paint recycling: Program creates Goodwill; Hardware store gets into the act

    Wood waste recycler is disappointing

    System reduces waste in pallet supply

    Eco-friendly packaging company acquired

    Food scrap composting works, Penn State says

    Food scraps are biggest diversion target says EPA

    House cleaning yields benefits to EDS, charities

    Spotlight on: The Internet
    Internet creates, not reduces demand for paper

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